Our SOFT-TLS app is a web and mobile application for all companies that have a need to track documents, certificates, relevant training, time recording, HSE-related documents, work equipment and vehicle fleet.

Our app is multilingual, the user interface is clearly and simply structured and through the mobile app every authorized user can access the modules assigned to him and change them depending on the authorization. Incorrect entries and misuse of data are thus excluded.


Our work safety module offers a complete solution for site inspections and document creation and tracking. With this module, our specialists for occupational safety can easily carry out all support concepts and thus bring occupational safety to a higher level.

This module enables the tracking of all relevant personal documents, certificates, attestations or similar for each individual employee, or the expiry date. This means that the personal documentation of the employees is always up to date. This module offers you the option of granting authorization to the respective subcontractors, where everyone can update the documents for their employees at any time and you can therefore always see the most up-to-date status.

With their mobile devices, foremen record all the hours worked directly on the construction site. Due to the direct mobile recording on the construction site, all data and necessary reports are back in the office on the same day and are available to the management, the construction management and the controlling.

With this module you can easily and at any time track the stock, the quantity in circulation and the allocation of resources and materials.

The module is expandable, but in the basic version it offers the possibility to track welders by a permanently assigned welder number and to get an evaluation of the welded, the checked and the defective seams.

The Planner – Calendar module offers the possibility of viewing all appointments that are important for the company. Various reports can be easily created and printed out in the module.

The employer is legally obliged to check every piece of work equipment annually or every six months. With this module you can easily control and log this. An automatically generated email notification informs you about the progress of the respective test.

With the learning module, every employer has the opportunity to instruct their own employees, to train them further and to check their knowledge. The instructions and exams can be easily performed through the video and word problems. Employers also have the option of aligning the instructions and training courses for employees in a more targeted manner and thus identifying and eliminating weak points.

This module is designed for fleet management. Here the manager can easily allocate the vehicles and see the associated costs. You also have the option of planning and managing service intervals and all other interventions on vehicles.


We offer you an overview of the appearance of our interface, to bring you closer to its ease of use but also its visibility, which is very important. We hope that we can make an appointment to introduce you to our app and its comprehensive functions in more detail.